This Week In Billions' Most Ludicrous Dialogue

Jeff Neumann/Showtime
If I'm honest with myself, I only understand about three quarters of what's discussed in Billions. Everything about "short squeezes" and "stocks" (what even are stocks, anyway?) I tune out. It's a testament to the writers' brilliance that I find chatter about incomprehensible topics so incredibly enjoyable.
Aside from Wendy Rhoades' unshakably calm demeanor (she is life goals) and the ridiculously gorgeous interiors, the undeniable best part of Billions is the fast, highly quotable manner in which the characters speak. You know those comebacks you think of three hours too late? The characters on Billions experience no such lag; their tongues are intelligent comeback machines, always prepared with the exact manipulative sentence necessary to further their own personal goals. For better or for worse, the characters place more value on effective communication of ideas than on kindness, or others' feelings. Though this leads to some biting dialogue, it's somewhat refreshing to hear people actually say what they think.
So, to celebrate the show's lean, cutting, highly efficient dialogue, I'll be taking note of the show's best lines of dialogue on a week-by-week basis, starting with the season 3 premiere. Bask in all its witty glory.

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