Allison Confronts An Old Flame In This Exclusive Clip From For The People

Photo: ABC/Byron Cohen.
Shonda Rhimes wasn't content with one show about lawyers, so she premiered For The People last week on ABC. Rather than committing murder, however, these lawyers are fresh out of school and working on opposite sides of cases in the Southern District of New York Federal Court ("The Mother Court"). While episode two of the series premieres tomorrow, the cast of characters are already grappling with some pretty complicated backstories. For instance, Allison (Jasmin Savoy Brown) found herself working in the same court as her ex, Seth (Ben Rappaport). In order to focus on her rapidly growing career, the two have to address this awkwardness head-on. They do just that in this exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, which also features Girlboss' Britt Robertson as Allison's friend Sandra, who it's safe to say is not helping this uncomfortable moment get any easier.
"It's fine. We work in the same court. We are going to run into each other. We have to normalize it," Allison says in the video as Seth approaches.
Luckily, she's able to get the upper hand on the conversation by bragging about the success she's having in court — unfortunately, Seth cannot say the same.
"I did not get a bear claw, but come to think of it, I did get mauled and bloodied in my last case," he admits.
"I just figured we work in the same place and we'd be seeing each other a lot so I wanted to make it less weird," Allison says after shooing Sandra away.
"And how is that going?" Seth asks.
"Not great," she laughs.
See how it all unfolds when the episode airs tomorrow on ABC at 10 p.m.
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