The One Hairstyle You're About To See At Every Music Festival

Lucky for Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, space buns are still having a major moment in 2018. But just because Zenon is from the future doesn't mean she could've predicted what was coming next for her signature style. This week, the interstellar updo got a Disney-inspired makeover and we're already anticipating it will be the most popular hairstyle at every festival this summer. The folks over at Opening Ceremony, who hosted the brand's spring show at Disneyland this week, are calling them "Mickey Mouse buns" — but they're space buns all the same. Here's what you need to know about getting the look, created by the show's lead hairstylist Holli Smith.
“We felt we couldn’t miss the opportunity to do the ear thing," Smith explains to Refinery29, referencing the show's Disney inspiration. And if you think the style looks easy enough to copy at home, you're not wrong. Smith didn't want the mouse reference to be too obvious, so she opted for a look that felt more natural, "in a way that the girl did it herself." Smith adds that the higher the bun, the cooler it looks.
Ready to try it yourself? Smith suggests spritzing a thickening spray (she used Bumble's) from your roots to your ends before reaching for a texturizing salt spray. The combination of the two will make it easier for the buns to stay in place for hours of dancing in a mosh pit. Start each bun as a tight, high ponytail on each side, then backcomb the hair. Twist the ponytail clockwise, wrap it around at least once (depending on your length and texture), and tuck it under itself. Pin the style into place and don't worry about little flyaways or loose pieces — you don't want this to look too perfect. Oh, and save your red-and-white shorts for another time... you're going to see Beyoncé, not Toontown.

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