We Should All Be More Like Ellen Pompeo & Her Glorious "Big Mouth"

Ellen Pompeo is the latest celebrity to eschew fuckery. She simply doesn't give fucks! In a new interview with InStyle, Pompeo presents as Hollywood's newest truth-teller. For the piece, she filmed a video called, "Own Your Shit" in which she gives instructions on owning your shit and not giving a fuck. (She curses a lot.)
"Stop trying to be perfect," she says in the video. "Nobody's fucking perfect. Fuck off!"
Moments later, she amends that statement. "Wait, wait, wait — Rihanna. She's fucking perfect."
Ever since she gave a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter in January, Pompeo has become a spokeswoman for ruthless salary negotiation in Hollywood. Pompeo is the highest paid woman in television and she told THR exactly how she did it: She was stern. She was patient. She gave a lot of fucks about her job and her life, but she gave no fucks for the rules. The interview was stunning because it was candid and because she cursed.
Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel following the THR cover, she admitted that she's become nervous about being interviewed in print because she can be misread.
"I have quite a big mouth, and I'm honest to a fault, which, in print, can get you in trouble," Pompeo told Kimmel. She's less careful than she has been before, which has made her all the more likeable. In the interview with Kimmel, Pompeo explained that her publicist wasn't present when she gave her THR interview.
"They weren't in the room when I was doing the interview," she told Kimmel. Were a publicist in the room, perhaps Pompeo wouldn't have said as much as she did. The tale ended up being just as Pompeo intended: an "empowering story for women." Now, she's on the cover of InStyle providing advice to women about "owning your shit." This is the era of unedited Pompeo: an actress and businesswoman who really, truly doesn't care what you think of her.
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