Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Feel that? It’s the calm before a storm of activity. The planets are already blowing air into our sails, amping us up for the coming changes.
On Sunday (the 11th), we’re under the influence of Uranus and Pluto. These slow-moving planets (of sudden events and transformation) get a bad rap. Right now, though, they’ve teamed up to give you an encouraging nudge. Pluto boosts your resilience and lights a flame of passion from within; Uranus turns on your teenage rebel side, wiring you with the confidence to act independently.
Saturn is another major player this week. Its meetup with mental Mercury and rational Venus creates a pragmatic, serious atmosphere over the coming days. Saturn transits feel like dealing with a nagging parent who probably does know what’s best for us. Unlike many real-life nagging parents, Saturn reliably rewards hard work and smart preparation.
Apply that Uranian-Plutonian confidence to the tasks Saturn sets for you. Starting on the 17th, March goes wild. (You likely already have some of those deadlines and tasks on your agenda.) Devote this week to planning and prioritizing. If you have a major project due toward the end of the month, come up with a schedule and short-term goals to tackle it with gusto. If you know your job is going to be short-staffed, get the little tasks out of the way now. If health issues flare up when you’re doing too much and stress makes your brain feel like it’s going to pop, figure out how you’ll handle your loaded calendar differently.
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