Reese Witherspoon & Adam Rippon Finally Met — Where's Our Buddy Comedy?

Photo: Courtesy of CBS.
Wednesday night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, figure skater Adam Rippon met Reese Witherspoon. They held hands and looked lovingly into each other's eyes and I made a wish, because that's what you can do when two luminous personalities clash on late night television!
"This is the relationship the world's been waiting for," Witherspoon told the audience. She's not wrong.
Some background: Witherspoon, ever the chipper Twitterer, tweeted that Rippon was the best part of the Winter Olympics back in February. Again, not wrong! Rippon responded, because that's his brand — witty responses to everything. He joked that Witherspoon produce a movie about a figure skater (played by Rippon) who died upon finding out that Reese Witherspoon (played by Reese Witherspoon) was a fan. Wednesday night, they both appeared on The Late Show — Witherspoon was there to promote A Wrinkle in Time — and Colbert brought Rippon on stage to meet Witherspoon.
Their interview went the way of a very strange, very public first date. Witherspoon complimented Rippon on his smell, then Rippon revealed that he popped a button on his silk Louis Vuitton blouse. Colbert asked when Rippon first fell in love with Witherspoon; Rippon replied that Legally Blonde was the trigger for his Witherspoon fandom. Witherspoon recited one of Rippon's tweets — the one about being a glamazon bitch, you know the one — and somewhere in pop culture heaven, an angel got its wings.
The only question now is if Witherspoon and Rippon will do a movie together. Witherspoon's a producer. Rippon is pop culture royalty after his performance at the Olympics. People would definitely watch a movie about the two of them, even if it were a meta-film about Rippon (played by Rippon) and Witherspoon (played by Witherspoon) meeting online. Where's Charlie Kaufman when you need him?
Watch the full segment, below.
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