Jimmy Kimmel Packed Oscars-Themed Lunch Boxes For The Show's Attendees

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.
Usually, if we know an incredible meal is somewhere in our near futures, we try our best to save room. However, we can only hold off from snacking for so long, so we understand how the stars were feeling last night. Though the Oscars attendees had over 60 dishes made by Wolfgang Puck and his team waiting for them at the Governors Ball after the ceremony, anyone who tuned in last night knows, it's a long show. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel provided some sustenance to get them through. According to Twitter, the host packed a variety of snacks in Oscars-themed lunch boxes and passed them out during last night's ceremony.
Right before the Academy Awards officially started last night, Kimmel tweeted two photos. One featured nine boxes that were each decorated with colorful illustrations corresponding with this year's nine Best Picture nominations. The other photo showed the contents of the boxes. Inside each, there were potato chips, gummy bears, cookies, and a granola bar. The boxes also included a napkin and a pack of Listerine breath strips so celebs could freshen up after they snacked. We're guessing that at around hour three of the ceremony, those lunch boxes were looking just as good as the $100,000 Oscars gift bags the nominees were given this year.
These snacks weren't just a generous gift for all the attendees that had to sit through nearly four hours of awards before finally getting dinner. The lunch boxes also included a donation to the local food bank. In a handwritten note that came inside each box, Kimmel explained, "It wouldn't be right to make you sit through this without snacks. Please don't throw them at me." Then, after signing the letter, he wrote a postscript that read "A donation to the L.A. Regional Food Bank has been made for each box." Gummy bears, breath strips, and a food bank donation? Kimmel really did think of everything.
Before last night, we were convinced that the Ruby Chocolate Strawberry and Cream dessert and the 300 pounds of wagyu beef served at the Governors Ball would be the food highlight of this year's Oscars, but Jimmy Kimmel really proved us wrong. He may have even shown up Ellen Degeneres' 2014 mid-Academy Award pizza delivery.
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