A Definitive Ranking Of The Celebs Who Were Most Excited About Ellen’s Pizza

In a smart running gag during last night's Oscars, host Ellen Degeneres went for pizza. The pies came, she divvied them up, someone brought out plates, and the front-most celebs chowed down. While the Oscars have never been known for culinary indulgences (more like intense diets endured leading up to the event), the pies appeared to be a hit. Of course, some folks fell quicker off the fasting bandwagon for a bit of cheesy goodness, while others managed to completely refrain. Based on that range of reactions, we present the list of nominees list of pizza aficionados who got psyched for a slice. From least to most excited, here are your pizza-night winners.
9. Not very happy: Leonardo Dicaprio
He did not want Ellen's pizza. Not at all, no sir.
8. Not thrilled, but played along with the joke: Jared Leto
He took a slice for mom.
7. Quietly excited, spent time eating it: Jennifer Lawrence
The outspoken snacker helped herself quietly to some, in kind of a "no duh" move.
6. Thrilled, but then resigned: Angelina Jolie
Her eyes brightened, but when she saw the hoards descend, she backed away.

5. Finished the piece before everyone: Channing Tatum

Everyone was chowing down, and Channing was already at the crust. Hey, he's a growing boy.

4. Demanding of pizza: Meryl Streep
Ellen tried to walk past her, and Meryl was not having any of it.
3. Pretty psyched on the pizza: Lupita Nyong'o
It's her night. Why wouldn't she go for a slice?
2. Not really into pizza, but into the process of pizza: Brad Pitt
The father of six played the father of the room and handed out plates like he was on duty.
Aaaand....number one...

1. So happy, really hoping she got a slice: Kerry Washington

Did she get a piece? She got the whole darn pie.

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