Here's What To Eat During Weird In-Between Winter & Spring Weather

Photo: Courtesy of David Loftus.
We're currently stuck in that weird in-between time of year where winter won't quite leave and spring isn't really sure it wants to arrive. But, what's even more confused than the climate is our appetites. We're finished with February's soups and over packing more of January's salads. So, what exactly are we supposed to eat for dinner while we wait on the weather to make up its damn mind?
Rukmini Iyer has our interim menu plan covered with her new cookbook, Dinner’s in the Oven. Before you jump to any oven-conclusions of lackluster bakes or yet another boring roast, Iyer's recipes are the ideal mixture of fresh and comforting dishes that only take one pan to make. From a baked avocado and chicken salad to a zesty watercress and savory salmon number, the three winners ahead freshen up predictable winter recipes with creative spring twists. Scroll on to find your weeknight staples that are exactly what we need when it's sunny and warm one day and snowing the next.

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