Gordon Ramsay Is Left Speechless By Chloe Kim's Favorite Foods

One could argue that any chef that has been awarded 16 Michelin Stars has all the right opinions on food. However, last night's episode of The Late Late Show proved to us that this isn't always the case. Yesterday, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim joined host James Corden, and seeing as both guests have a serious fondness for food, of course, the conversation went in that direction. Interestingly, though, we found ourselves siding with Chloe Kim's food opinions over the so-called true expert, Ramsay.
On last night's Late Late Show episode, Corden, Ramsay, and Kim got to chatting about MasterChef. Knowing that Kim loves food, the host asked her, "Chloe, if you were on MasterChef, what would be your signature dish." With Ramsay's focus turned toward her, the 17-year-old responded hesitantly, "Well, I really like Oreos so..." The award-winning chef cut her off and indignantly exclaimed, "Come on, Chloe!"
Despite the fact that her fellow Late Late Show guest was clearly horrified by this answer, the snowboarded pressed on, telling Corden that her signature MasterChef dish would be an Oreo McFlurry. It might not be the most refined fare, but if we were MasterChef judges and Kim served us an Oreo McFlurry, we definitely wouldn't eliminate her. There's no denying McFlurries are delicious, and isn't making delicious food the the whole point of the show?
After Kim's admission that she would make Gordon Ramsay an Oreo McFlurry if she ever had a chance to compete on his show, Corden said, laughing, "I don't know that you know who your audience is here." However, the next thing out of the Olympian's mouth proved she knew exactly who she was dealing with. Kim had clearly studied up on the celebrity chef's most-hated foods because she used one of them to ruffle his feathers a bit. In addition to the McFlurry, she said she also loves Hawaiian Pizza. In response to that, Ramsay was rendered speechless. He literally got up and walked off the stage.
Ramsay may be in the Culinary Hall of Fame, but we're with Chloe Kim on these food opinions. We like someone who can appreciate finer foods and still get down with some less fancy treats. Kim probably doesn't care what Ramsay thinks of her food opinions either because she's already received approval from another Michelin Starred chef.

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