How To Spend V-Day If You’re Single, Based On Your Sign

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
There are plenty of inventive, original ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, but most of them require two people and involve the word "date." If you're single and would like spend your V-Day doing something other than picking up newly discounted heart-shaped chocolates, you're in luck. Your Zodiac sign can offer some helpful guidance when it comes to making plans (although we're pretty sure the stars would tell you to buy the chocolate, too).
As much as your sign dictates aspects of your personality, so, too, can it affect how you prefer to spend your time. A by-the-books Virgo, for instance, will probably like their Valentine's Day to be as uneventful as possible, while a Cancer might actually want to have a little shindig in the name of love.
Luckily, as someone who isn't in a relationship, you don't have to compare your sign's preferences with someone else's and tweak your plans accordingly. This Valentine's Day really can be all about you.
Read on to discover how your sign can have the best single's V-Day ever.

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