Report: Dean Unglert NOT An Indecisive Jerk On Winter Games

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Last night's episode of Bachelor Winter Games confirmed what Bachelor insiders have known for a while now: Dean Unglert, fuckboi supreme from Bachelor in Paradise, is dating Lesley Murphy, a fellow Bachelor alum. Murphy and Unglert linked up in the first episode and, as per reports that have emerged in the past few weeks, they're still together. Us Weekly reported that they were dating in late January, almost a full month before the show aired. (Spoilers, y'all!)
Murphy, 30, appeared in Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor — she's from a different Bachelor generation, almost. A travel blogger, Murphy's never been on BIP, and she has, erm, transgressed the same way Unglert has. Unglert, if you'll recall, waffled between two women on Bachelor in Paradise. He waffled so hard that he almost lost his "swell boy" image. Murphy's an ideal salve for his wounded image: She's 30, for starters, and the last time she made headlines was because she got a preventative double mastectomy.
"I think what initially attracted me to Dean was his face," Murphy said on the premiere episode, in a surprisingly honest moment for the franchise.
Later in the episode, Ben Higgins brands them a "couple," and Murphy jokes that Unglert, 26, should evaluate her new-ish bosom. (Murphy had her mastectomy 8 months ago, followed by a breast augmentation.) Murphy expressed some anxiety about dating someone for the first time post-mastectomy.
"You can be the judge," she told Unglert, referring to her chest.
"Well, I mean, you're the judge," Unglert replied. When she said, "I think they look great," Unglert added, "Yeah, I agree."
During the episode, Unglert tweeted, "The one and only time 'great boobs is an appropriate compliment."
What makes Murphy and Unglert such a Bachelor couple is that they are almost anti-Bachelor. Unglert became a favorite on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette by being candid and, for a show that took 15 years to cast a lead of color, almost "woke." Then, there's Murphy, who recently wrote on Instagram, "make love, not walls." Bachelor Nation, make way for your latest royal couple.
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