The Friends From College Crew Isn't Making Any New Friends In Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Barbara Nitke/Netflix.
Who said life is stable after 40? For the gang at the center of Netflix's Friends From College, life has never been less predictable.
Of course, that unpredictability has a lot to do with the events of last season, which nearly imploded the friend group. The college crew almost collapsed under the weight of oodles of infidelity, career screwups, and one G-Wagen in a swimming pool. Now, in the season 2 trailer premiering exclusively on Refinery29, it's time to see what other drama the sometimes-toxic, always-entertaining friend group gets into.
In the sophomore season of Friends From College, everyone attempts to navigate their newly-complex relationships with their oldest friends. Ethan (Keegan-Michael Key) just wants to know if he's still married to his MIA wife Lisa (Cobie Smulders), who dipped after learning of Ethan's longtime affair with fellow pal Sam (Annie Parisse).
Meanwhile, Max (Fred Savage) is getting ready to wed Felix (Billy Eichner), who might be the only person willing to point out just how terrible Max's friends really are.
Then there's drama with Nick (Nat Faxon), who, last year, helped Lisa rebound — if you can really call it that — from Ethan's affair. Could Lisa and Nick reunite, or is it better if this entire friend group finds new pals?
Who are we kidding? Life is too short to make new friends. Even if these friends are (occasionally) the worst, there's always room for a raucous bachelor party, replete with a surprise stripper and one particularly Instagrammable penis hat.
The new Friends From College season 2 trailer drops today. Check out the trailer premiere, below.
Season 2 of Friends From College premieres January 11.

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