Netflix Wants You To Start The New Year With Friends From College

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
According to a new announcement from Netflix, the streaming service's ensemble comedy Friends From College returns for season 2 on January 11. Will 2019 be the year when this band of toxic people finally come together and address their issues head-on?
Honestly, who cares — it's much more fun when they're failing to be better people.
With friends like these, who needs friends? That's essentially the question that Max (Fred Savage) asks his husband-to-be Felix (Billy Eichner). Max's "friends from college" haven't exactly been best buds ever since the reveal that Ethan (Keegan Michael Key) and Sam (Annie Parisse) were secretly carrying on a years-long extramarital affair, all while Lisa (Cobie Smulders), Ethan's wife, was dealing with a difficult IVF situation.
As revealed by Max in a new teaser for season 2 the gang — which also includes Nick (Nat Faxon), who just so happens to be carrying on his own affair with Lisa — hasn't seen one another since Sam's 40th birthday party, one year earlier. There's a good reason for that: At that party, Sam's G-Wagon ended up in her swimming pool, and it wasn't even as dramatic as all the emotional fallout from the event.
Drama seems to follow this gang around though, which is good news for anyone looking to binge the series in 2019. The short teaser reveals a stripper ripping off his pants on a private plane, one exploding firework, and a very painful-looking tumble down a very long staircase. (You okay, Ethan?)
"They're your best friends, for some reason," Felix tells a worried Max, who realizes it was dumb to invite this problematic bunch to his engagement party. "They'll be on their best behavior."
Let's hope not.
Friends From College returns for more chaos on January 11. Check out the teaser below.
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