The Most Hygge Photos To Emerge From Sundance This Year

Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb.
Once a year, some of Hollywood's key players go on a field trip to Park City, Utah, where they bundle up in duck boots and cardigans to hawk their independent films. They do it for the Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford's event that may or may not just be a ruse to force Los Angeles residents to face the cold. (It's very cold at Sundance. This is a thing that's mentioned in all coverage of Sundance whether you like or not. That's what you get for having a January festival in Utah, buddies!) You might call Sundance the only hygge film festival. Because it's so cold, the film festival is suddenly less festival-y. There are turtlenecks a-plenty. You'll spot a lot of fun socks. Your favorite auteurs suddenly sport impressive facial hair. Sometimes, there are puppies.
Despite its distant locale, Sundance has impressive sway in the film industry. Sundance is where The Big Sick earned its distributor. Now, the film has an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay. The stars mingle — creating a lot of static electricity, mind you, with all that wool and cashmere — and somewhere in there, movie distribution magic is made. Maybe it's the Mount Olympus of indie film: It's where the gods convene to decide the fate of us movie-viewing pleebs.
Whatever it is, it's fun, and there are a lot of silly photos that emerge. For the sake of re-creating the festival for you, reader, we've collected the silliest and furriest and most hygge of the 2018 Sundance photos.
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