Meryl Streep Will Star In Big Little Lies Season 2 & It's Already Iconic

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Breaking news! As in, this will break you! Like a pretzel thin under too-chunky guacamole!
Okay, the news: Meryl Streep will star in the next season of Big Little lies, making the show officially the dream team of television shows. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Streep has been cast as Perry's mother, a character that does not appear in season one. Perry, of course, is the Alexander Skarsgard character who died at the end of season one. (Sorry, that's a spoiler. Talk to me about it after class.) Streep will play Mary Louise Wright, his mother who travels to Monterey after her son's death out of concern for her grandchildren. THR points out that David E. Kelly, the showrunner for Big Little Lies, said in an October interview that his dream additions for Big Little Lies were Streep and Tom Hanks. That wish was made manifest, David! Holy fork!
Also, in an interview at the SAG Awards, Reese Witherspoon revealed that she was being peppered with phone calls from "random" people asking for roles in season 2 of the show, so hey! Maybe one of those randos was our lady Streep, politely asking for a piece of the BLL pie.
Big Little Lies, as you should very well know if you watched it, is a murder mystery of sorts that involves elegant women in a beach town being frosty with one another and sipping at wine. It's Devil Wears Prada if Devil Wears Prada took a closer look at the implications of domestic abuse. Streep is going to tear this forking show apart.
Obviously, this is a gift in honor of Fiona the hippo's birthday.
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