Trader Joe's Latest Product Encourages Playing With Your Food

Trader Joe's is hitting customers with a new product curve ball just in time for Valentine's Day: Gummy Xs & Os. With yet another food holiday around the corner comes yet another expected boatload of limited edition sweets from all of the usual suspects. And while we may feel like we've seen it all at this point (heart-shaped chocolate boxes and pink lollipops galore), TJ's has us pleasantly surprised with its refreshing, chocolate-free approach to this romance-themed bag of treats.

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The new offering is part of the cult-favorite Scandinavian Swimmers (and the more recent Scandinavian Tidings) family, so we already know these gummies will live up to their already beloved texture and flavors. Each bag contains an assortment of grapefruit (clear), strawberry (pink), and berry (red) flavors in a variety of X and O shapes. A post on the company's Instagram page describes the tiny treats as, "Soft, chewy & sweet" with, "colors from fruit and vegetable extracts." The post also cautions that the gummies, 'may be kiss & hug inducing—especially when enjoyed while listening to melodramatic mallet music and playing tic-tac-toe." Watch out, you've been warned.
While Trader Joe's is no stranger to the seasonal food game — winning fall with pumpkin spice and the holidays with quirky creations like Jingle Jangle — this latest offering is still a welcome addition to a chocolate-heavy Valentine's Day sweet scene. Not to mention that sold for $2.99 in a pretty, pink 14-oz. pouch, these Xs & Os are giving pricier gourmet gummy companies a run for their money. While we'll always love treating ourselves with some fancier boozy-inspired sweets from Sugarfina, we'll still be stocking up on these affordably festive ones from our neighborhood Trader Joe's. And forget gifting them, we mainly need supplies for that intense and impending edible tic-tac-toe match.

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