Everything Leaving Netflix In February

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February is one big bummer of a month. It's cold, wet, and not close enough to spring to be exciting but too far from the holidays to be festive. There's Valentine's Day, but unless you're in a happy couple, it's often just a day that makes you feel worse about yourself. I guess what I'm saying is, the only cure for February is Netflix.
While every month the streaming service brings in a new slew of TV shows and movies, they have to make room by kicking out a handful of other titles that were gathering dust. Luckily, this month's list doesn't contain any truly heartbreaking goodbyes or TV shows that will be (too) sorely missed. In fact, most of these options I'm learning about for the first time, which I guess is a good enough reason to catch up on the shows and movies I never had a chance to watch before they're gone.
Of course, I've seen the Tim Burton classics like Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, so that goodbye is a bit more emotional. But the only thing I know about Burn Notice is that my high school boyfriend loved it, and that Top Gear's departure is bad news for my dad and all dads everywhere.
But hey, maybe it's worth checking out the Ellen Page thriller Hard Candy, or Save The Date starring Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie. Just because the movies aren't pop culture staples doesn't mean they're not worth giving a chance while we kill time until the weather warms up. Just make sure you start watching now, because come next month, all the TVs and movies ahead will be gone.

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