Target Is Going Somewhere It's Never Gone Before — & It Smells Good

Landing on a signature scent from a retail store was far harder 10 years ago than it is today. Back then, the options were limited: You could either choose from an entire line of fragrances at Gap based on your personality type or spray on the Abercrombie Fierce half of the guys from school were wearing, with little in between. Today, it seems every shop has its own scent wardrobe — well, except Target. Until now.
Starting January 21, Target is dropping its first exclusive fragrance brand called Good Chemistry, and there's a little something for everybody. Inspired by different moods, vibes, and personalities, the collection is broken down into four categories. For example, if you have multiple meditation alarms on your phone for the morning, afternoon, and night, you might gravitate toward the calming scents in the Cool and Collected line. If you thrive on making the first move on Bumble, you might enjoy the bold fragrances in Confident and Charming. Plus, in partnership with Illume, each vegan and paraben-free elixir is made up of essential oils.
While the packaging varies based on each collection, the prices remain affordable, ranging between $9.99 to $24.99. And because this is Target we're talking about here, you've got choices — 48, in fact. If you're more of a body spray person or prefer to stock up on rollerballs for every clutch, Good Chemistry has you covered. Because who says you have to wear the same scent for your nights Netflix and chilling versus karaoke night?
Click ahead to check every scent in all four collections.

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