This Is The Closest You'll Get To The Blur Tool IRL

If the roughly 19,800,000 results that spring up in Google through a search for “how to minimize pores” is any indication, we, the people, are obsessed with our pores. We’re worried that they are too big, too visible, clogged, or going to get clogged if we use the wrong products; we want them to be small, tight, clear, and, evidently, minimized. Even dermatologists say we’re more fixated on those tiny openings in our skin than ever. (We’re not saying it’s because of unflattering phone cameras, just that they might be related.)
But here’s the thing about pores: You can’t actually change their size in any way, so you might as well get used to them the way they are. And if that means arming yourself to the teeth with a skin-care routine that will keep them free of dirt and debris and makeup that effectively makes them vanish into thin air — or at least makes it look that way — then so be it.
Ahead, a few of our current favorite products that help us fake perfectly smooth, velvety skin. Pores? What pores?

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