Wendy Williams Made The Most Inappropriate Comment About Kylie Jenner

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On her show Wednesday, Wendy Williams took aim at Kylie Jenner for no apparent reason, declaring that Jenner's rumored child wouldn't look like Jenner at all.
"You can do whatever you want to yourself, but the baby's still gonna look like the old you," Williams said, gesturing at an image of Jenner's face. This was part of a bit Williams performed about Jenner's rumored pregnancy during which Williams also speculated that Travis Scott had already left Jenner.
"Please, that was a split and run! In my mind, she took the test and was probably like, ‘Oh, my God. What am I going to do now? Travis!’" said Williams.
She added that Jenner is 20, but probably feels like she's 35, given that she's been a professional celebrity for the past decade.
These are all incredibly specious claims. They're also needlessly cruel. First, Williams essentially shamed Jenner for having had plastic surgery. Jenner has opened up about having lip injections, but she's never said anything about plastic surgery. In fact, she actively denies it. (Lip fillers do not technically fall under the umbrella of plastic surgery.)
Moreover, who is Williams to speculate about Jenner's relationship with Scott, which has never been confirmed anyway?
Jenner's rumored pregnancy has induced a sort of anxiety in the media — we're all desperate to know what's happening with one of the most high-profile celebrities, but she won't breathe a word. Usually, we are privy to the Kardashians' every move. Now, though, we're shut out. Jenner won't talk about it, and neither will her sisters, which is strange for a family so devoted to broadcasting their lives. This doesn't, however, give anyone the right to take aim at a 20-year-old woman's rumored future child. The children of celebrities, rumored or otherwise, are absolutely off-limits.
One doesn't have to search very hard to find a video of Williams lashing out against Kanye West for his disparaging tweets about the son of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. Williams was disgusted the rapper would attack his former flame's child, devoting a full 10-minute segment bashing the tweets. Williams should apply the same principle while talking about Jenner and her rumored pregnancy.
Inspect Jenner's Instagram for clues all you want, just don't get the rumored baby involved. And, for Pete's sake, let's stop shaming women for their personal beauty decisions.
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