Is A Modern Family Spin-Off Happening?

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These days, it's rare for a successful show not to have revival or spin-off rumors buzzing about. The Good Wife birthed The Good Fight, black-ish sent Zoey off to college with grown-ish, and both The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars have spin-offs in the works. With so many shows choosing to continue their storytelling with an entirely separate show, it's worth wondering if one of the most celebrated sitcoms of the last decade will do the same. Could Modern Family have a spin-off in the works?
According to The Hollywood Reporter's interview with showrunners Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, it's possible — if not planned just yet.
Talks that Modern Family, which the duo told THR they hope to end with season 10, could live on in a spin-off first came about in 2013. However, four years later, there has yet to be an announcement of the upcoming Haley Dunphy Show. (Or whatever form a spin-off would take, but come on, Sarah Hyland's Haley has to be the center of it, right?)
So what's the status? According to Levitan, the spin-off is not something that the team behind Modern Family have any "substantive conversations about." Still, Lloyd added that the interest in the large cast has certainly opened up the possibility — so keep your fingers crossed, fans.
If Modern Family were to live on in the form of a spin-off, it's possible that the series could take some "breathing room" first. After all, we now live in an age of sitcom revivals, with everything from Roseanne to Will & Grace getting new life on the small screen. Perhaps Modern Family could come back in five, 10, even 15 years — right around the time when the younger Dunphys and Pritchetts are starting their own modern families.
However, the ultimate goal for Lloyd and Levitan is for Modern Family to be a timeless series — one that doesn't need to be revamped in order to feel relevant to its audience. Levitan told THR that the Modern Family team prefers to stay away from things that are a little too topical for that very reason.
"We just try to be a little bit more universal, a little bit more timeless, and a little bit more subtle," Levitan told the outlet. "It would [be] nice for people to be able to watch the show in 20 years and they're not saying, 'Oh my god, there's a Trump joke.'"
With a show as successful as Modern Family (the Emmy winning series is celebrating its 200th episode this year) it's hard to imagine that the series doesn't continue on in some capacity. Will we get a Modern Family movie? A series of Dunphy-centric novels? A spin-off centered around Phil's magic career? We'll have to wait and see, but I have a feeling this show will be sticking around the zeitgeist for quite some time. Read These Stories Next:
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