This New Big Little Lies Character Is About To Start So Much Drama In Monterey

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Big Little Lies was a huge part of Sunday night's Golden Globes, so naturally people can't stop asking questions about the finally-confirmed second season, coming to HBO in 2019. We still don't really know anything about what this new season has in store for the women of Monterey, but executive producer Jean-Marc Vallée did reveal that the show will welcome an exciting new character.
"Well there’s a new character coming," he told Entertainment Tonight. "Perry's mother, that’s all I can say."
Fans will remember that season 1 concluded with Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard) murder, and with the women working together to cover it up. If his mom is in his town, then that likely means that storyline is far from over. That being said, we don't know anything about the character's personality, or which actress will bring her to life (personally, I'd love to see Frances McDormand get in on the BLL action), so we're almost left with even more questions.
It doesn't help that we also don't have confirmation that Skarsgard will or won't be reprising his role in the second season, even if it's through flashback. Luckily, it appears that Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are definitely in, since they bantered on Twitter about a possible new plotline.
"I love him !" Witherspoon responded to a photo posted by Dern featuring the actress and Star Wars character BB8. "Can BB8 be in BLL2?"
"Um...yes. Easy," Dern replied. "Renata just bought the real BB-8 for Christmas for her daughter. Knowing u would likely get your daughter the toy!"
If BB8 turns out to be Perry's mom, then this show just took a wild turn. However it shakes out, I'm here for it.

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