The Secret To Self-Confidence, According To Your Sign

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Sometimes, you just have to play to your Zodiac sign's known strengths. It's then that you feel the most in your element — at your most confident. You just need to know which strengths your sign possess and figure out how you can benefit.
All 12 signs can be forces to be reckoned with, as long as they have the right tricks in their arsenal. After all, a brazen, self-assured Aries probably won't share the same approach to handle stress as a by-the-books Capricorn. And a lone wolf Pisces would not gain confidence taking a chatty Gemini's advice.
Ahead, discover the simple habit your sign should pick up to feel more confident, whether you're pitching your ideas at work, negotiating with your landlord, or gearing up for a Big Talk with your partner.
Ready to launch into the new year but not sure where to start? Take a cue from the stars and let your horoscope guide you. 'Scope the rest of your year here.

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