This Mom's Gift To Her Daughter Had An Accidental NSFW Twist

You know those gift fails that become a thing of family legend? Well, this mom's unintentionally NSFW present to her daughter has everything you've seen before beat — and everyone on the internet talking about it. Eager to take a different approach and make the pink YETI Rambler even more special, she customized it with a fancy cursive monogram in white lettering. The only issue: what the artfully-displayed initials spelled out.
Take a peek for yourself below, and try hard to keep your mind out the gutter.
"My sweet innocent mother got my sister a thermos with her initials monogrammed on it for Christmas," wrote Reddit user Snowy_Boy when sharing a picture of the gift. His post has since gone viral without further explanation, raking in over 65,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments over just two days.
"That is so, so unfortunate," someone typed in response. While another person begged to disagree: "No. This is probably her favorite christmas present. I know it would be mine," they wrote. One cheeky user even suggested the following: "Plot twist: your mother is neither innocent or sweet."
Amid the debate also included many a lessons on how monograms work, specifically proper initial etiquette and the importance of sizing.
"Her [initials] are CMU. When you monogram something in that fashion, the large initial in the middle is your family name, flanked on either side by your first and middle names," one user described. "This one is a bit weirdly done since all the letters are nearly the same size, but it should be cUm."
Regardless, we're willing to assume that the whole ordeal will make for an interesting family story shared year after year.

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