This Coming Out Story Has A Sweet Plot Twist

Coming out to family and loved ones can be an emotional experience. For some, it's nerve-wracking, heartbreaking, terrifying, or relieving; but, for writer Alanna Bennett, coming out as bi to her mother over the holidays turned out to be surreal and surprising.
"I just came out to my mom as bi AND THEN SHE CAME OUT TO ME AS BI, what a plot twist," she tweeted on Tuesday.
Bennett, like many other people, flew home for the holidays. It wasn't until her mom drove her to the airport that she decided to disclose her sexuality, a decision she wrote was reminiscent of two of the year's most notable films, Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird.
In the hours since Bennett shared her story, with her mother's permission, a few people responded saying that something similar had happened to them in the past, too.
Another added:
"Me too!! I came out to my dad and he was like um... have you talked to your mother about this."
As one Twitter user pointed out, these parents could have been inspired to share their identities because of the strength and bravery of their children.
"OMG! So many congrats to you and your mom!," wrote another commenter. "It’s [sic] never ceases to amaze me how coming out can give someone else the strength to do the same."
We've learned about a number of inspiring and heartwarming coming out stories over the past year, but there's something about this one that is so inspiring. Maybe it's because not one, but two, people are finally feeling free enough to live their truths. Or, perhaps it's because with every great coming out story, there's unfortunately a more devastating one.
As we head into 2018, we can make it easier for our loved ones to come out by using more inclusive language, taking the time to educate ourselves about the wide array of different sexualities (reading Refinery29's glossary is a great start), and learning about how to be a better ally. Maybe then, there will be even more stories like Bennett's to make the world a more vibrant, loving place.

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