Winston's Dad Will Make An Appearance In the Final Season Of New Girl

Photo: Courtesy of Ray Mickshaw/FOX.
Good news for New Girl fans! We will finally get to meet Winston's dad in the last season.
Winston's father will be played by longtime Curb Your Enthusiasm cast member, J.B. Smoove, also known as Jerry Angelo Brooks, reports TVLine. Now that the show is returning for eight episodes, we will get to meet the man who influenced one of the quirkiest members of the New Girl gang.
A quick refresher for fans and soon-to-be new fans alike: Winston's dad abandoned him when he was young. In fact, it's Nick's dad who acts more as a father figure to Winston much of the time.
Winston's mom, played by Anna Maria Horsford, has only appeared in two episodes in the past six seasons. Unlike the regular appearances of Jess' parents or the seasonal cameos of Schmidt's and Nick's parents, Winston is the only roommate whose parents haven't made much of an appearance throughout the course of the show.
This is all about to change in the upcoming seventh and final season of New Girl. In the season six finale, Winston calls his dad in an attempt to re-establish their relationship. Season seven is set three years after the end of the last season, so maybe they have had a chance to be involved in each other's lives and build the relationship they never had. We could be seeing a very different Winston than the one we knew in season six.
We can't help but wonder how this will bode for Ferguson. After all, Winston told his dad that while he was interested in getting to know him, Ferguson had no interest in reconciliation.
The father-son reunion episode will be directed by Lamorne Morris who plays Winston.
Fox has yet to announce an official return date for the farewell season, but TVLine predicts winter or spring.

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