Drake Pretended He Was Stood Up By Angelina Jolie On Instagram

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
In a November interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake revealed a fact about himself that left quite an impression on me and many others who have long drooled over the rapper's smile, voice, and eyebrows. He told THR that for years, he had been collecting Birkin bags for "the woman I end up with." Though this designer purse collection is enough to land any number of women out there, it appears not to have worked on the one he's had his eye on most recently. According to a photo shared by Drake yesterday, he just got stood up.
In this recent Instagram photo, Drake is shown sitting alone at a table. The seat next to him is empty, but the table, which overlooks the water and seems like a romantic location for a date, is set for two. The rapper has a rather downtrodden expression on his face, and the photo's caption explains why. It simply reads, "Stood Me Up."
If you're wondering who in their right mind would ever leave Drake hanging in a romantic setting such as this, well, he did tag someone. When you tap to view who was tagged in the photo, hovering over the empty chair next to Drake is the name @angelinajolieofficial.

Stood Me Up

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To be clear, the real Angelina Jolie, the award winning actress and humanitarian, does not actually have an Instagram account. The one tagged in Drake's photo was just a fan account. If we had to guess, nothing about the situation set up in this photo is real, and it was actually just a joke concocted by Drake. However, considering how busy Jolie is being a UN Ambassador, a film director and producer, and a mother of six, it wouldn't be all that surprising that she had to stand up a date, even if it was Drake. Also, if he was going to get stood up by anyone, it would definitely be by a woman who can buy her own damn Birkins.

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