Netflix Is Releasing Another Christmas Movie & It Might Beat Out A Christmas Prince

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Netflix is coming out with another Christmas movie and it might just give A Christmas Prince a run for its money.
Christmas Inheritance tells the story of Ellen, a socialite, who, in order to inherit her father's company, must first visit his small hometown, where she learns the value of hard work and helping others.
According to the newly released trailer, it seems like Ellen will also find herself caught in a love triangle during her time in – wait for it – Snow Falls. Will she choose her life in the city where everyone knows her as a partying socialite, or will she choose life in the small town where people treat her like a "regular person?" We guess you'll just have to make some hot chocolate, curl up in your comfy, Christmas pajamas, and watch to find out.
Netflix already has one hit holiday film which viewers the world over are either loving or hate-watching. It's not totally clear whether people love A Christmas Prince or just love to hate it.
BuzzFeed aptly described A Christmas Prince as "quite possibly the best worst Christmas movie ever made." As a genre, viewers have long had a special place in their heart for watching movies that are so bad that they're actually kind of good. Who hasn't watched a '90s Hallmark movie and secretly enjoyed themselves even though the plot was predictable, the characters were uncomplicated, and it was a bit cheesy? It's been a while since moviemakers picked up the schmaltzy baton, but Netflix appears to be up to the challenge.
Just know that if you decide to embark on a corny, Christmas movie binge-watching session, Netflix will know...and they might call you out on it.

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