These 8 Blacklisted Scripts Need To Happen

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Every year, The Black List compiles a list of scripts that come recommended by film executives. Specifically, the scripts have to either be written in or associated with the current year, and not have begun principal photography during it. According to the document, 2017's list is compiled from suggestions of over 275 film execs, each of whom submitted up to ten of their favorite scripts. Basically, it's a list of scripts that desperately need to be made into movies, and while all 76 look like they would make great blockbusters, there are eight in particular that are really getting us excited.
Let Her Speak by Mario Correa received a total of 42 recommendations, and tells the true story of Senator Wendy Davis who filibustered for 24 hours to save abortion clinics in Texas in 2013. It's been announced that Sandra Bullock will be playing the role of the senator.
There are also some true stories that are up for adaptation. This J.K. Rowling biopic by Anna Klassen, When Lightening Strikes, coming in at 20 recommendations, or The Fifth Nixon by Sharon Hoffman, which tells the story of Watergate through the eyes of his secretary, Rose Mary Woods, or Call Jane by Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi, which takes place in Chicago when an underground group of women performed safe but illegal abortions in the 1960s.
There are some inspiring coming-of-age tales, like The Other Lamb by Catherine McMullen, about a girl growing up in an alternative religion, or Queen Elizabeth by Shatara Michelle Ford about an "uptight, high-achieving, Black post-grad" who realizes her life isn't what she wanted.
And then there are the ones that look absolutely bonkers. Breaking News In Yuba County by Amanda Idoko tells the story of a woman whose husband dies after she catches him cheating, so she buries his body and soaks up the attention of being a wife with a missing husband. The Grownup by Natalie Krinsky is adapted from Gillian Flynn's novel of the same name about a con woman hired to banish an evil spirit from the house of wealthy woman. And, finally, Jihotties by Molly Prather, about two women who literally "catfish ISIS."
There's not a single one of these I wouldn't see on opening weekend. Hollywood, chop chop.

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