"Caught" By St. Beauty Is Your Newest Boy, Bye Jam

Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images.
Grab your nearest mimosa and best friend, because St. Beauty has your newest power song for when you need to revel in your inner Scorpio. It is called "Caught," and it's about exactly what you think — that knowing, eye-rolling moment when you catch your partner doing something bad, and not the good kind of bad.
The Atlanta-based R&B duo, comprised of Alex Belle and Isis Valentino, craft the kind of music that is subtly powerful. It's sensual, backed by their silky harmonized vocals and beats washed in reverb. Their melodies come from their own voices — the beats are just the vehicles to carry their no-nonsense lyrics.
Their newest music video opens with a blissed-out minimal drum beat that is both subtle and sweet. It immediately draws you in with its trippy late '70s aesthetics. Valentino and Belle's voices are equal parts scolding and annoyed. "I know what you're doing/Coming home late at night," they sing, with the delivery of someone who is just so over the lies.
St. Beauty's music might ring a bell to you, because their music has been featured not once, but twice on HBO's Insecure. It's the result of expert musical curation by Solange, who helps program the show's soundtrack. St. Beauty is also part of Janelle Monae's Wondaland record label. The star power that surrounds this band is very well-deserved.
Can we also talk about how stylish the video is? It's cool, collected, and unabashedly feminine. The graphics feature multiple St. Beautys on motorcycles, or dancing along in some seriously gorgeous looks. A longline bra and printed flared pants? Yes please. But don't take it just from us: St. Beauty told Refinery29 that "'Caught' emphasizes that everything is alright when you gain control over your life. In this visual, we proudly get our points across with glistening skin surrounded with beautiful colors."
Check out the video for "Caught" below, and bookmark it for when you need some Boy, Bye commiseration.

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