This Is Not A Drill: Pitless Avocados Exist

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Pitless avocados exist and it might have solved all of our pit-related problems.
We're not ones to disparage our darling avocados, but getting out the pits can be difficult and something we would love to live without. Imagine the time saved making guacamole if you didn't have to deal with the pits? If you think it's too good to be true, it isn't: This is not like the time Fresh Direct got our hopes up on April Fool's Day.
Cocktail avocados, or as I like to call them, "the best thing to come out of 2017," are grown in Spain and come from an unpollinated avocado blossom, reports Delish. While they look more like cucumbers than the avocados we're used to seeing in stores, reaching about three inches in length, they still have the smooth and creamy taste we know and love. (Fun fact, the skin is actually edible! So if a little skin gets onto your pitless avocado toast, no need to carefully pick it out.)
Unfortunately, these little holy grails aren't widely available just yet. Right now, they seem to only be available at the British supermarket Marks & Spencer. They're selling them through the month of December, a Christmas miracle if you live in the United Kingdom.
Good Housekeeping U.K. interviewed Marks & Spencer's agronomist – Charlotte Curtis, an expert in soil management and crop production – and she shared her favorite ways to enjoy cocktail avocados. "They’re perfect for snacking and lunchboxes as they can be eaten whole but can also be used for a beautiful garnish or in a salad," said Curtis. "My top tip is to try them deep fried!" Not sure how I feel about the idea of frying them, but I'm not one to turn up my nose at an avocado under any circumstances.
With any luck, cocktail avocados will be hitting stores across the United States soon. 2018 might just be full of great things after all.
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