Kourtney Kardashian Clams Up When Asked About Her New Younger Boyfriend

Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
Reality TV exists in another dimension, or well, it's on a time delay, anyway. In the case of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, that often means we feel like we know more about the stars' lives than they do themselves. Case in point: We've all seen Kourtney Kardashian confirm her relationship with boxer-model Younes Benjima, but her sisters have to resort to cagey methods to find it out. Their silly/lame attempt to do so is the latest preview of this week's KUWTK.
"Oh my god, we have the most perfect guy for you," Kim Kardashian West tells her older sister on the phone in the clip. She and Khloé Kardashian then proceed to bait her by listing all the characteristics they think Kourtney would go for in a date prospect — tall, blond, scruffy beard, 12-pack, actor, father of two, and, of course, gluten-free.
"Do you know who we're talking about? Thor!" Khloé says. Er, the actual Norse god or the very married Chris Hemsworth? Ladies, if you're going to try to trick one of the people who knows you better than anyone else in the world, at least use someone who's single.
Rather than call them out, though, Kourtney gives them a lame excuse for not getting set up.
"I don't go on dates," she says. "I don't want to sit there and go, 'How old are you?' "
Frustrated, Khloé finally decides to ask her directly of Benjima, "So that's your boyfriend?" (To be fair, they did know the two were seeing each other, after meeting over a year ago on the night of Kim's robbery in Paris.)
Kourtney's answer is a less than satisfying: "Umm." But maybe that counts as a victory for Kim and Khloé? Meanwhile, we here in the future can be smug and look on at paparazzi photos and Snapchat feeds.

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