Broad City Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: "Friendiversary"

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The season 4 finale is here! And unlike last week's episode about Abbi and Ilana's individual journeys, this one ties things up nicely with a whole episode about their friendship. Specifically, their "Friendiversary," a celebration of the day they met, which we watched go down all the way back in episode 1.
Unsurprisingly, Ilana takes the holiday very seriously. Abbi wakes up to large cardboard cutout of Ilana's head in her bed, along with a note that says "Scavenger Hunt" directing her to a trash can outside next to a hose.
As Abbi leaps to begin her journey, she shuts the door behind her, revealing Ilana hiding by hanging from the coat rack. In fact, Ilana manages to covertly follow Abbi to all of the clues, which includes watching from a roof, posing as an old man, and even pretending to be a horse. By the time the hunt is over, the two women finally meet at Houston Barbecue, where Ilana is waiting with her very own Abbi head.
They order their signature dish, chicken fingers, and Ilana marvels at the significance of their friendiversary — which is how we realize Abbi had no idea that's what they were celebrating. This gets awkward when Ilana presents Abbi with a family heirloom that was smuggled to America by her ancestors, and all Abbi has to offer is a face mask. Ilana is clearly angry, so Abbi tries to cover by saying she has a huge night planned on the Empire State Building.
By the time they get there, it's pouring, but Abbi is still trying to pretend this is how she planned the night all along. As they both look through the binoculars and out onto the city, they witness something that derails their friendiversary completely: It appears a man was fighting with a woman and ended up throwing her off a balcony. Horrified, Abbi and Ilana run to the scene of the crime.
Once they're there, however, there's no evidence, and the cops dismiss their call as two people just trying to get attention. They were ready to give up — until they spotted the man walking down the street wheeling a large suitcase behind him.
What ensues is another type of scavenger hunt as they follow him from place to place, like a karaoke bar and a movie theater. It's there that they realize that while he's seeing his movie (Daddy's Home), they can sneak into his apartment and look for evidence.
By posing as the man's nieces who have brought a birthday cake, Abbi and Ilana are able to walk right into his building and use the keys from the doorman to get into his apartment. Once inside, they rummage through everything, but are interrupted by the sound of keys in the door.
They jump inside the closet to hide, but realize they left the cake on the kitchen counter. The man immediately notices it once he walks inside, and the two women burrow further back into the closet only to come face-to-face with a sex doll. They scream, and the man rips open the closet.
As you may have figured out by now, he's not a murderer. He was simply using his sex doll on the balcony when she fell off. Her head broke during the fall, so he brought her in a suitcase to an underground sex doll repair shop in the back of a karaoke bar to get her fixed. As for the movie? He just likes the taste of movie theater popcorn.
Abbi and Ilana are forced to explain all of this to the cops when they arrive. The officers immediately start laughing, but Abbi and Ilana jump to the man's defense, furious at the cops for kink-shaming him. Nobody wants to press charges, so with that, the women make their exit.
They end up back on the bench where their friendship started, talking about the things they always talk about (like celebrity feet) and the number of crazy adventures they always seem to find themselves in. However, thinking they witnessed a murder might have been the most incredible — at least, so far.

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