There's Actually An Important Message In This Girl's Interview With Her Cat

It's a pretty well-known fact that cats are the unapologetic jerks we all want to be. They do what they want to do, they accept the love they want to accept, and they will scratch you to pieces if you touch them in a spot where they don't want to be touched.
It's a truth that hasn't escaped 10-year-old Gabi, who wrote out an "interview" she had with her cat Coco. Her dad, Paul Duane, posted the interview to Twitter so everyone can see just how much Coco means business.
Plenty of people have fallen in love with how sassy Coco is in this interview, mostly because it exactly describes the personality we've all come to know from our own cats. More than 95,000 people have liked the tweet as of writing.
But there's something important hidden in this simple and funny convo a little girl had with her cat — the fact that she asked for consent and then honored it.
Now, we're almost positive that Gabi didn't intend this interview to be a lesson in consent, but the fact that she thought to ask her cat if she could touch her back, her legs, her tail, and her butt before actually doing so shows that this little girl already understands the concept — something many people apparently still struggle to grasp.
With as many stories of sexual assault and harassment as have been coming out lately, it's an important reminder that consent is actually really simple to understand. So simple that everyone, especially grown men, should understand the idea that you should ask someone, even a cat, before entering their personal space — whether that's by touching them, or by exposing yourself, or by making a sexual advance.
So, if consent really is so simple children can understand, it's time we expect adults to, too.
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