9 Chefs Confess The One Food They Just Can't Master

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images.
We expect chefs to be even better than us mere foodies when it comes to cooking. And whether or not they hold a culinary degree or not, that usually bears out. After all, if you've devoted your life to something, you're going to be better than the average home enthusiast. And even those with specialities, like dessert or Italian, are usually still pretty comfortable with a range of delicacies and dishes.
But just like not every chef will eat everything out there, they aren't masters of every dish and cooking technique. Maybe it's their high standards, maybe it's that even the best of us fail sometimes. To find out what foods even the pros can't master, we asked some of our favorite chefs. From the complicated (French pastry) to the very simple (toast), it's enough to make you feel better about your own mangled efforts at baking bread or attempting sushi.

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