Netflix Just Gave A Very Important Update About Season 3 Of Stranger Things

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Stanger Things fans, rejoice! Finally, we know for sure that the show is returning to Netflix for a third season.
This morning, the streaming service officially announced it is picking up the sci-fi horror series for another season, according to Deadline. While those of us who can’t get enough of Mike, Dustin, and the rest of the gang’s antics or that suspenseful love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve, the show’s renewal is great news, but we’re still left with plenty of questions.
First of all, Netflix has yet to announce the show’s return date, and we can hardly contain our curiosity. Entertainment Weekly reports that Stranger Things’ third season is currently being written. With that fact in mind, EW notes that filming probably won’t begin until spring of next year "at the earliest." Sigh.
In addition to being left in the dark about when we’ll be able to return to the Upside Down, we also have no idea what season 3 will be about. Could Hopper and Joyce finally get together? Will Eleven begin tackling normal teenager problems? (after all the insanity she’s been through, puberty should be a breeze, right?) Will Billy, the scariest thing about season 2, return? Should we expect Steve’s hair to be even bigger? And, is Will finally going to have a normal year where he’s not trapped in another world, puking up baby demogorgons, or possessed by the shadow monster? Probably not.
We’re also anxious to find out what the time hop will be between season 2 and 3. Fans will remember that season 2 picked up a year after everything that went down in season 1. Could the time gap be even bigger for season 3?
With all the important questions still floating around our minds about Stranger Things 3, we can’t forget to be thankful that the show is definitely coming back. We should also remember that there are a few things we do know for sure about the series. In an August interview, the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer told Vulture that they would ideally like the show to be on for four seasons. Based on the fact that Stranger Things is loved by both viewers and critics, for now, we can assume that season 3 probably won’t be its last.
Thanks to a tweet from actress Amy Brenneman, we also have reason to believe that she will be making an appearance in season 3 as the terrifying Dr. Martin Brenner’s wife. So, really we're not completely out of the loop on what's to come in the newly announced Stranger Things 3. Plus, we can take comfort in the fact that we definitely know more than David Harbour does.

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