Your Annual Reminder To Be Nice To Retail Employees During The Holiday Season

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Working retail can be energy-sucking. You're on your feet for many hours a day, people badger you to give them lengthy explanations of stuff they're not even planning to buy, and if you punch in even a minute after your start time, you could get docked — and yelled at.
But over the holidays — even though retail workers may earn extra commission and are able to work more shifts — it can be especially hard, with customers getting even more stressed out and testy. Last year, we gathered holiday retail horror stories from our readers, and they taught us a lot (like that facial exhaustion from smiling is a real thing).
Another thing that retail workers frequently bemoan this time of year? The constant onslaught of Christmas music. You may like yourself some "All I Want for Christmas," but after hearing it 50 billion times, anyone would wish for blissful silence. Repetitive holiday music could even take a toll on your mental health, as one clinical psychologist told us.
Long story short: Please be nice to those who help you with your holiday shopping this year. Say please and thank you. Don't wait until you're all the way at the front of the line to rummage through your wallet for the right gift card. If you spill your latte in the fitting room, at least offer to clean it up. If the store doesn't allow food, don't bring your latte. In a store that sells food, don't eat stuff that's for sale if you haven't bought it.
Because the employees will tweet about it. And about how much they hate Christmas music.

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