The Lyrics To T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drank” Are Not What You Thought They Were

If you came of age in the early aughts, the familiar notes of T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drank” are likely to conjure up cherished memories of first crushes, stolen kisses, and bar mitzvah grinding trains. Thanks to Twitter, new information has come to light this week regarding the ten-year-old song’s lyrics, because it’s 2017 and everything you once believed to be reliable and true is now up for debate.
Eagle-eyed “Buy You A Drank” fans caused an uproar on Monday as they began to debate whether T-Pain’s signature “oooo weeee” could actually be “ooon meeeee.”
Twitter user Jaz the Rapper reached out to T-Pain directly to clarify the lyrics, to which the Florida-born recording artist responded with two simple words that changed the course of musical history as we know it.
Knowing this revelation would nudge the entire Internet into the throes of an existential crisis, T-Pain sent out a kind follow-up tweet reminding his listeners to “just enjoy the song however you hear it.”
Then, he proceeded to drop yet another bombshell, this one pertaining to the lyrics of 2010’s “All I Do Is Win.”
Next thing you know, the Plain White T’s will be telling us we’ve been hearing “Hey There Delilah” wrong all these years, and then our collective innocence will officially be shattered for good.

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