What Happened When A Dad Thought He Found His Daughter's Sex Toy

It's almost never good news when you get a text from your dad that says, "When you get home we need to talk."
A Twitter user who goes only by Emily (@__emmiilly) may have assumed as much, but she probably didn't think her dad was going to find a sex toy amongst her things — or, what he thought was a sex toy.
On Sunday, Emily tweeted screenshots of a conversation she had with her dad via text while she was at her friend's house. Her dad had apparently sent her a photo of the offending object, texting her, "Well I found this. Why are you making these purchases. That is disgusting! You shouldn't waste your money! If you have these kind of needs I suggest you don't leave this shit laying around."
Needless to say, as Emily tweeted, "this was so awkward omg my dad really assumed the worst."
Or, shall we say, what he thought was the worst — because there are definitely worse things than women owning sex toys.
When Emily asked her dad what exactly he thought he found, he replied, "Those things people buy at Spencer! Those disgusting toys that vibrate! I'm not that old Emily!"
As many people (old or not) can tell, and as Emily then had to explain, the object is actually a portable charger for a phone.
"Honestly my dad always texts me crazy things," she tells Refinery29. "I wasn’t really worried. Just the first actual text caught me off guard. I thought it was an emergency."
In case you were wondering what her dad was doing looking through her things, he had a pretty understandable excuse — he was just looking for Chapstick. Plus, she says, she had left the charger "wide in the open" on her vanity.
"I wasn’t worried at all," she says. "I was laughing the whole time."
But beyond the awkward misinterpretation, many people pointed out that her dad's reaction is disappointing — there's nothing disgusting or wrong about having sex toys or using them to masturbate.
However, Emily says that the comments about his reaction don't bother her — "as long as I know my dads judgment was pure, it doesn’t make me think otherwise."
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