Why This Vanderpump Rules Star Faced Major Backlash For Her Comments On #MeToo

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Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder issued a formal apology after controversial comments she made about the recent “#MeToo” campaign on her podcast Friday.
People reports that the star criticized women who have come forward with stories about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. On an episode of her podcast Straight Up With Stassi called "Are We On A Male Witch Hunt?” the reality show castmember took issue with the women coming forward arguing that the media frenzy surrounding the campaign is taking away from those that were “truly assaulted,” she noted in a since deleted tweet. She also claimed, according to posts on Twitter, that some of the women's allegations weren't true and that they were seeking attention.
She initially responded to criticism on social media with some tweets that made light of the whole situation.
When that didn't go over, Schroeder issued a short apology on social media, but followed up with a longer post on her website as advertisers fled her podcast.
In the post, which she opens with "Dear Khaleesis," Schroeder attempts to explain her perspective, writing, "My intentions with this latest episode got lost with some of the comments I made that were insensitive and thoughtless. Before I explain my intent, I want to WHOLLY apologize for the flippant remarks where I said that no one could make me go down on someone, where I said it is easy to say no, and where I said it’s easy to not go to someone’s hotel room alone. I don’t know what each individual woman was being put through in each instance. That was inexcusable and reckless of me."
"The reaction to my podcast has really shaken me," Schroeder continues. "I should be able to express what I think and feel. Should I not? I made mistakes with some inappropriate comments, but does that discredit everything else I stand for?"
She wants readers to understand that she knows her experiences aren't universal, writing, "I’ve been put in some very compromising positions that I was lucky enough to fight my way out of. I was one of the lucky ones, and I should have realized that not everyone has the same luck.
I believe there is a strong message behind what I said and I didn’t explain it properly because of my flippant, ignorant remarks. I have felt that there have been opportunistic people who have used this time to gain attention, fame, money etc. and that frustrates me. There are real victims out there, and they are being put in the shadows. I am proud of ANYONE who is brave enough to come out with her/his story."
Shroeder seems to still be standing by her statements that false allegations are an issue too though, saying, "This shouldn’t be about men vs women. This could happen to me. This could happen to my best girlfriend, my sister, my mom. One allegation, one accusation… and everything you’ve worked so hard for is over. This is about an abuse of power. Men have abused their power, and women have abused their power. And now with social media, the abuse of power is rampant."
She ended by writing, "I am truly sorry to anyone I hurt."
We have reached out to representatives for Schroeder but have yet to receive comment.
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