This Couple Met At Target & Their Love Story Is Epic

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Any Target shopper knows they will inevitably walk out with more than they intended to get every time they step foot in the store, and Britney Rager was no different. Except instead of a cart full of nail polish, coffee mugs, and picture frames, the 23-year-old found a husband in Target.
Rager took a job as a cashier at Target to save up for a post-college move and quickly developed a crush on her coworker, Taylor Ray. "He made me laugh a lot — he’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met," Rager told The Way We Met. "He quickly became my favorite co-worker, and even one of my closest friends."
However, Rager, who was 23 years old didn't see romance in the future when she learned her crush was 18 and had just graduated high school, not college. Nevertheless, they remained friends, and Rager invited Ray to her house for a party, where (after some alcohol was consumed) he told her: "We’re going to get married one day."

If you’re reading this, chances are you know what it’s like to walk into Target planning to purchase a few things, and then walking out with a million items you don’t need — except for the one item you came in for. Before you know it, you’re in a complete daze with a receipt down to your ankles. Britney Rager is one woman who’s quite familiar leaving Target with more than she ever expected. In 2012, she walked into the department store and hit the bull’s-eye (no pun intended). Britney had just graduated college and was saving up to move to California, where she could put her BA in Theater to good use. As soon as she graduated, she hit the ground running and applied for jobs everywhere she could. The first place to call her back was Target, offering her a position as a cashier— to which she gladly accepted. After a couple of weeks on the job, another new cashier was hired, and he started working at the register right next to her. His name was Taylor Ray, and, naturally, the two spent a lot of their down time chatting with each other. + “He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. He quickly became my favorite co-worker, and even one of my closest friends. A lot of my friends moved away after college, so it was really nice having Taylor’s companionship.” -Britney + One of the first things they discovered they had in common was they both “just graduated.” However, Britney automatically assumed Taylor meant college, and never even thought to ask. She was completely shocked when she later found out that what he had meant was he only just graduated high school. Britney was disappointed because she had just started to develop feelings for Taylor. Now it felt like a romance between them was no longer possible. Britney was 23 at the time, while Taylor was only 18. Even though he was mature for his age, Britney couldn’t wrap her head around their age difference. But as the story goes, we make plans, and god laughs...and so does target. (For full story: click the link in my bio!)

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His drunken proclamation turned out to be true, and the couple got engaged two years later. They just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary Nov. 11. Rager and Ray are now 28 and 23, and though neither works at Target anymore, they certainly have a soft spot for the store. And their love story goes to show that sometimes the heart and the brain have different plans.
"It took us a really long time to admit we wanted to be together because of our age gap, but now I realize how trivial that is in the grand scheme of things," Rager said. "I didn’t choose to fall in love with someone younger, it just happened."
Rager and Ray are also proof that you can meet an awesome person anywhere — even Target. (Not that any of us ever doubted Target has anything and everything we could ever need.)
They aren't the only one who found love at the store, either. Someone commented on the post that they also met their husband while they both worked at Target. "We married two years after meeting and have been married for 11 years now," Instagram user @ danell_will wrote. "Target will always be my favorite place to shop."
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