Am I The Only One Here For Brussels Sprout Sliders?

Brussels sprouts have had a great couple of years. The once-maligned vegetable has somehow worked its way onto the menus of trendy restaurants across the country, in forms of shaved salads and roasted dishes topped with bacon. No longer the food your parents forced upon you, brussels sprouts were the thing Millennials were proud to have a great recipe for.
And yet, the world has turned its back on the newly beloved brussels sprout once more. The reason? Someone had the "audacity" to create the "brussels sprout slider."
You would think that now would be a decent time to create a mini sandwich with a halved sprout as the bun. It's 2017, and we love weird buns, from In-N-Out's "protein-style" lettuce bun to the collard greens wraps that replace tortillas for lunchbox-acceptable sandwiches. Yet the response to a recipe posted by The New York Times was...not overwhelmingly positive.
Illinois resident Marla Rose sent this particular recipe to the newspaper's food section. The vegetarian dish is made of halved brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, tangy mustard and tempeh sandwiched in the middle. Despite the NYT's endorsement — the site called Rose's recipe "your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer" — the internet was so not here for it.
"If you remove the Brussels sprout, maybe," wrote one hater on Twitter.
"I would rather eat my own fingers," author Kealan Patrick Burke (hopefully) joked.
"Why y'all trying to ruin Thanksgiving?," another cried.
"First it was peas in my guac, now it's brussels sprouts to replace buns?," wrote one horrified reader, comparing this particular situation to the pea guacamole recipe that also caused a mini Twitter breakdown. "Is nothing sacred in 2017?!"
I'd say "don't knock it until you've tried it," but something tells me this Twitter mob prefers this particular vegetable in the trash — or, at the very least, in a salad.
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