The Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch Over Thanksgiving

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
There are a lot of great benefits of the Thanksgiving holiday, from the literal feast awaiting many of us to the inevitable black Friday sales. Oh, yeah, and there's so much time for family bonding! But, we can all agree the real win is getting two full days off from work to do whatever you want. And, might I recommend a TV binge or three?
Considering the fact we're all busy people with jobs and to-do lists, a lot of good shows can fall through the cracks. For every high-profile Game Of Thrones, there are countless great series not getting the trending Twitter hashtags and love they deserve. That's why the four-day Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to score some me-time and explore all the TV winners you might have missed.
Since the sheer number of television offerings is overwhelming, we picked out the best and most bingeable series for you to watch. Keep reading to find out what should go in your queue immediately. It's a good thing you're probably going to have lots of leftovers, since this could take a while.

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