Your Great-Grandchildren Will Be The First To Hear Pharrell's New Song

Pharrell Williams, man of many hair colors, has made a strong environmental statement on a new track titled "100 Years." The problem is, none of us will be alive to ever actually hear it.
According to Entertainment Tonight, Pharrell teamed up with Louis XIII Cognac to remind people that no matter what the current administration believes, climate change is undeniably real and will continue to cause lasting harm to the planet unless humans start making serious changes. You know, like not letting 210,000 gallons of oil seep out of a pipeline and into precious natural habitats.
"In 2017, I, Pharrell Williams, created a song that will be publicly released in 100 years, but only if we care about the planet," he can be heard saying in a video he shared on Twitter. "It's an artistic project that will disappear forever if global warming continues...It's a call to action for people to care about the planet now before it's too late."
According to the video, Pharrell and the booze company recorded the secretive track on clay found in the Louis XIII vineyard in France. Now, the record is sitting in a safe nestled amongst cognac bottles in a fancy cellar. ET adds that the safe, along with the not-made-of-vinyl vinyl, will be obliterated completely if either is drenched in water or, presumably, cognac.
The point of all of this, ET reports, is to remind people that if we keep tormenting the earth around us, the ocean will keep rising and will eventually swallow us whole in about a century. If that's not enough to scare you into recycling and carpooling, then perhaps the prospect of your children's children not being able to get down to a 100-year-old clay vinyl will be.
For a stance that bold, this song better be a freaking banger.

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