Keurig Pulled Ads From Hannity & Some People Are NOT Handling It Well

Last week, Fox News' Sean Hannity angered a lot of people when he interviewed and appeared to defend Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was recently accused of having had a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl in 1979. As a result, Deadline reports that six companies —, 23andMe, Eloquii, E*Trade, Nature's Bounty, and Keurig — pulled their advertising from his daily program, Hannity; but none of the businesses have since experienced the same level of backlash as Keurig.
To say that people were pissed would be an understatement. Perhaps it's because people hadn't had their morning cup of coffee, but shortly after the company made its public announcement, a number of angry consumers circulated videos of themselves obliterating their coffee makers. They smashed. They threw, They ultimately wasted $99–179 worth of products to defend a man who once made the bizarre argument that if Confederate flag merch was taken out of stores, then the sale of rap music should also be banned.
Not everyone took their disgruntlement to the extreme. Others chose instead to state why they would no longer support the coffee-pod connoisseurs by sharing the hashtag #BoycottKeurig.
To be clear, Keurig never said that the company would be pulling all of their ads from Fox News. For now, they're just not airing them during Hannity's show. There's a big difference between not wanting to be associated with someone who seemed to normalize Moore's past relationships with teenage girls than pulling an ad because the network leans more to the right on the political spectrum.
But why listen to logic when you can listen to Sean Hannity?! Throughout the evening on Sunday, the conservative talking head tweeted messages of encouragement to his fans, writing things like "These videos are hilarious" and "I love all of my deplorable friends."
Reminder: This is a man who calls people on the left "snowflakes."
For now, I'll leave you with the below tweet, which summarizes my thoughts on the matter exactly.

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