How One GOP Candidate Inspired A Woman To Run For Office – & Beat Him

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The November 7 election results were great news for Democrats and an especially exciting night for women.
One of the victorious women, 32-year-old Democrat Ashley Bennett, was inspired to run when incumbent Freeholder John Carman posted a sexist meme mocking the Women's March.
Carman's post depicted a woman in the kitchen accompanied by the caption, "Will the women's protest be over in time for them to cook dinner?" (Raise your hand if you're not amused.)
Bennett, who was devastated by the outcome of the 2016 election, wasn't entertained by Carman's sexist brand of "humor."
"I was so mad. I was like: 'Really? It's 2017. Why are we doing this?'" she told Business Insider. "The presidential election was already as divisive as it could be. We need our local elected officials to tell us we're going to be OK regardless of who's in the White House."
Bennett is a psychiatric emergency screener at a New Jersey hospital and her candidacy for a seat on the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders marked her first foray into politics, according to USA Today. In her new role, Bennett will be part of the board that oversees Atlanta County's local government. Her victory is even more impressive given the fact that it's a red district, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The outlet reports that approximately 14,000 ballots were cast, and Bennett won by nearly 1,000 votes.
"People want change," Bennett told the Inquirer on Wednesday. "I am beyond speechless and incredibly grateful to serve my community. I never imagined I would run for office."
Bennett was supported by the organization Run for Something, which recruits young Democrats with the potential to become successful politicians. Run For Something was founded in response to Trump's victory.
Although the 2016 election was undeniably a major blow to all marginalized members of society, it's inspiring and encouraging to see women like Bennett take their anger and turn it into action. And she's not the only one — The Center for Public Integrity reported an increase in the number of women running for office in New Jersey and Virginia, which were the two main states to watch last night.
And let's be honest — the fact that Bennett defeated a sexist candidate who recently wore a Confederate flag patch on his jacket is basically the definition of poetic justice. Life comes at you fast, eh Carman?
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