A Mom Posted A Sex Joke On Facebook & Her Kid Just Can't Deal

It's an almost universal truth that parents exist to embarrass their teenagers, at least a little bit, and one mom is living up to that goal. A mom named Kim has gone viral twice in the last year for actions her daughter, Kaley, thought were hilarious enough to share with the world via Twitter.
The first time, she fell down a staircase (and was caught on a security camera). And now, she's going viral for making a somewhat inappropriate joke on Facebook. Kim's latest antics involve a night out on the town, a tambourine, and a little too much information about her relationship with Kaley's dad.
The mom posted two photos to a Facebook event called Weekend of 11/3, which was hosted by a bar in Indiana. The first shows Kim and her husband in a typical, smiling, mom-and-dad photo. But it's the caption that earned Kaley's eye roll.
"He hooked up with the tambourine girl in the band," Kim wrote. The next photo? Herself, holding a tambourine.
Kaley tweeted a screenshot of the two photos on Saturday, captioning it "why can't my mom just say she had a nice night?"
Everyone finds it hilarious, of course — including both Kaley and her mom. Something like this isn't exactly out of character for Kim, who Kaley tells Refinery29 "loves to act like a teenager (she says it keeps her young)."
Kaley, who declined to use her last name for this story, says that her mom is always making silly jokes, and loves to make other people laugh.
"So the goal of her Facebook post was definitely just to make people laugh," she says. And that was also the goal of Kaley's tweet. She knew that everyone who knew her mom would find the photos hilarious. She didn't know that all of Twitter would also crack up at her mom's joke, though.
As of writing the tweet has more than 170,000 likes and more than 24,000 retweets. People have been commenting saying that they can only hope to be a mom like Kim someday.
And why wouldn't they? Kim is clearly #MomGoals. Kaley tells Refinery29 that she and her mom are very close, and that she's actually come to find embarrassing posts like this extremely funny.
"I saw the Facebook post I just thought, 'Oh god, here she goes again,'" Kaley says. "But I was definitely laughing. I love that crazy woman."
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