Tess Holliday Shared Sexy Photos For A Powerful Reason

Tess Holliday is an outspoken member of the 67% and fittingly is no stranger to expertly clapping back at body shamers. This time, she's calling out commenters who have tried to police her body and expression of her sexuality.
In her latest Instagram post, Holliday responds to comments from a number of her previous photos that told her to cover up, citing her role as a wife and mother as an excuse to shame her. And she brought receipts, posting screenshots of some of the shaming, as well as posting some general comments that the model says she gets "on the daily."
"All of a sudden I have kids & my sexuality is stripped from me, at a time when most moms desperately need to feel good about themselves?! Nah, I don’t think so," Holliday writes in the post.
In one of the grossest comments, the troll tells Holliday that her body should be left "for her husband," as though she can't post photos of her own body for her own enjoyment. In response, Tess and husband Nick Holliday show us what a healthy relationship actually looks like: "My husband is proud of who I am & doesn’t try to silence me because that’s what a good partner does," Holliday wrote. Her husband even replied to the commenter to remind them that he doesn't own Tess's body, and she can do whatever she pleases. Way to go, Nick.
Some of the other comments, like "I like this classier style. You can still be beautiful covered up," act like they mean well or are being complimentary, but are problematic under the surface. By saying Holliday looks better when she's covered up, the shamers are really saying she shouldn't express her sexuality, and these kinds of comments also play into the frustrating and outdated idea that plus-size bodies need to be covered and hidden away. Holliday rightfully slams these trolls in her post.
"I’ve said this before & talk about it in depth in my book — fat women deserve to feel sexy, moms deserve to feel desired & wanted, & if we want to dress 'slutty' then y’all can deal with it or keep scrolling," she writes.
Holliday looks gorgeous covered up, nude, and every way in between, and she and all women deserve to express their sexuality however they feel. Body shamers be damned.
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