Tess Holliday Has Had Enough Of People Shaming Her For Working Out

Plus-size models (and people in general) seem to face a strange dichotomy of public shaming when it comes to exercise: They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't.
After posting a video of herself working out to her Instagram page, Tess Holliday received a deluge of shaming comments attacking and poking fun at her for exercising, of all things. She shared a screenshot of just a few of the comments in another post on Instagram, highlighting how ridiculous it is to have strangers tell you what you should do for your body.
"I'd do cardio if I was her, hopefully she's doing that too," one comment read.
"Damn already getting ready for next year's hot dog eating contest!!!" another said.
"You should do cardio, u are only making ur overweight harder to burn and thats not healthy."
"Hi. You're not properly doing squats. The back should be straight. This is important," someone else said.
"People assume I don't work out because I don't feel the need to post it all over the gram, & the reason why? Because it's no ones business what I do with my body," Holliday wrote on Instagram. "When you start to truly love yourself, you take care of your body the way YOU see fit. Live & let live y'all."
Just a few days ago, Ashley Graham experienced the same thing after posting about her workout on Instagram. Graham also posted a few of the shaming comments she got, and wrote, "I don't workout to loose [sic] weight or my curves, bc I love the skin I'm in."
Again, neither of these women owe it to anyone to justify why they work out or how they work out.
"Lastly, when I post about working out, then all of a sudden y'all got jokes, everyone is a doctor & trainer," Holliday wrote. "Y'all just can't handle seeing someone in a plus size body that isn't deemed desirable by societies standards THRIVING & it kills y'all. Worry about your own life."
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